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 ABOUT Blue Earth Family Dental

Dr. Samantha Seys took over from Dr. Craig Gaugh and is happy to continue the high standard of care that was set in place by Dr. John Sawyer, the original dentist of Blue Earth Family Dental. Dr. Sawyer had a true passion for the cutting edge technology and treatments in dentistry and for the community of Blue Earth. Dr. Sawyer practiced in Blue Earth for 46 years, where he and his wife, Marty, raised their family. 


We work to continue these same passions in the office and by working to give back to the community of Blue Earth. Our office expanded with a location in Mapleton, MN. This allows us to help that community also maintain a dental office and makes us available more days of the week.  You will find our caring staff very helpful, just call and see how we can help you, 507-526-3111. You can call or text us!

We are growing and expanding to accommodate more and more patients. 

Our staff

  • Nichole Springer, Office Manager

  • Kristi Koth, Patient Account Manager

  • Marissa Baumgard, LDA Clinical Manager

  • Kay Stern, RDA/LDA

  • Chelsea Schneeberger, LDA

  • Megan Johanson, RDH

  • Colleen Seys, RDH

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