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Small Town Big Services


My team and I do more than fillings and look at the whole body for a functional approach to dentistry. While we understand the importance of a smile we know that that smile takes more than beautiful teeth. We provide a wide variety of services that can influence your whole body.

-Dr. Seys 



Dr. Seys places implants in our Mapleton office using guided surgery. This is done with a template after using 3D imaging of bone for the best outcome. We can replace teeth with implants or help retain dentures for patients who would like to improve their denture fit. 



Straighter Smiles with a expansion philosophy that allows for improved breathing and airway. Better patient monitoring for more reliable outcomes. Ask us how we are different than other aligners!


Neuromodulator TMJ Pain

Botox or Xeomin neuromodulator used for TMJ pain and for esthetics. Dr. Seys has completed training through American Academy of Facial Esthetics for

esthetics and trigger point therapy. 

Home Sleep Screening

Do a sleep screening/test in the comfort of your own home. Reports read and

diagnosed by a sleep physician. 

vivos hst.jpg
kids vivo.jpg

Early Intervention Guided Growth and Development

Using expansion techniques to encourage growth of the upper and lower jaws to promote healthy breathing habits and eruption

Alternatives to CPAP therapy

Call to discuss options that can provide alternative to CPAP or oral obstructions of airway disease. 

We also have options to help screen for sleep apnea.

Dr. Seys is a VIVOS provider. She is also trained by Airway Health Solutions for expansion of airway for adult and children and TMJ relief. 

Breathe better. Sleep better. Feel better.

Tongue Position

For feeding, speech and breathing. 

Dr. Seys has taken extensive training to provide releases of teathered tissue for infants and adults. 

We work with Smile Myo for pre and post release myofunctional therapy.  

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